Object Recognition Experience: Kleenex

Object Recognition Experience: Kleenex

// The Concept 

Leveraging the power of the Kinect sensor to detect products and logos, we created an experience that empowered families to spend quality time together, win rewards and unlock family content all by leveraging the power of the branded product. After launching the Xbox Application, the user would hold a box of Kleenex when instructed, infront of the Kinect sensor to release their new family member and guide for the experience. The Kleenex box would be tracked constantly via the Kinect sensor and users would be instructed to roll, turn and move the box as a form of a remote control as well as a game piece, like rolling a dice for a board game. Each time the family would play this game, more and more content would be unlocked and the Kleenex brand enforced via each engagement.



01: User loads up the Xbox One Application


02: User holds a box of Kleenex branded tissue infront of the Kinect sensor to unlock the experience


03: Kleenex logo and box art is detected and a fun and active animation pops out from the box. This new part of your family will help guide you through the experience. Families can collect and  unlock more content from other boxes from the art series from Kleenex.


04: The Kinect sensor will track and follow the Kleenex box as the family can rotate and determine which game they would like to play together.


05: As the Trivia game starts, player 1 is passed the box and can use the physical box as a controller and game piece. That player can make selections as well as roll the box like a dice to play components of the game. The branded box literally becomes a physical game piece for the family to pass around.


06: At the end of each game the family can gain points, challenge other families as well as get coupons and product information from the brand.